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Hotel Olimpico
(Küste südlich von Salerno)
Lago Trasimeno strasse
84098 Pontecagnano, Salerno
Tel. (+39) 089 203 004
Fax. (+39) 089 203 458



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Atrani - Erchie Amalfi Coast




Erchie has always been the beach chosen by the most enterprising inhabitants of Salerno.  Today it is a very small and charming village climbing up along the slopes of the Coast in a pleasant and uninterrupted serics of small villas discreetly hidden behind beautiful gardens.  The town was born as a Benedictine abbey (eventually restored in 1966) that attracted a cer~ tain number of residenti, until it was destroyed by a Saracen raid in 1154 and the village was subsequently abandoned.

In 1451, the Abbey was abolished by Pope Nicola V and the area became dominion of Salerno and was slowly repopulated.

Erchie offers itself to the caress of the blue sea of the Coast on two small and elegant beaches, divided by a rocky strip.Until a few years ago, it was possible to pass from one beach to the other through a fissure that today has been walled up.