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Chiostro del Paradiso

From the atrium of Amalfi Cathedral access is gained to the enchanting Paradise Cloister (Chiostro del Paradiso), one of the most famous and interesting buildings in the small town. Built in 1266-68 on the orders of archbishop Filippo Augustariccio as a cemetery for illustrious and worthy citizens, the Cloister is a delightful building in Arabian style made up of a peristyle of coupled columns, that support interlaced pointed arches, enclosing a lovely small garden with palm trees. Abandoned at the beginning of the seventeenth century, the Cloister was restored in 1908; in the galleries important remains from the Roman and medieval periods can be admired: two ancient columns supporting eagles, the sarcophagus of the decurion P. Ottavio Rufo, two Roman sarcophagi with bas-reliefs, one portraying the wedding of Peleus and Tethys, the other the rape of Proserpine, a fourteenth-century sarcophagus and, finally, fragments of the Cathedral's ancient facade.