It is the largest  of the islands in the Bay of Naples, is one of greatest tourist attraction, not only in the region but in the whole of Italy. 

Compared with the many lovely islands scattered in the beautiful sea around Naples, it offers, in spite of its limited extent, the greatest variety of picturesque aspects: the old fishing villages, nestling on the slopes of hills, with their color and simplicity, and the up-to-date and well equipped bathing and health resorts; the romantic, always fresh, corners hidden among the rugged rocks falling sheer to the sea, and the wide, comfortable beaches; the fertile hills covered with vineyards and the bare, rocky slopes of Monte Epomeo; the landscapes, profoundly changed by the violence of the volcanic eruptions, and the cliffs, hollowed and carved out by marine erosion.

On Ischia, you can lead the fashionable, hectic life of the best equipped tourist centers or a more secluded, restful life, if you choose to stay at one of the smaller places nestling on the slopes of the mountain.

Everywhere, however, one finds a particularly mild and gentle climate: everywhere one can enjoy fine views and discover picturesque corners. 

Moreover, its many thermal establishments must not be forgotten, which make use of the many excellent springs found all over the island, nor the variety of excursions nor the excellent cuisine, and, above  all, the delicious Epomeo wine. 

Ischia has everything, including the natural beauties which have made it the queen of our small Mediterranean islands


A popular, well equipped bathing resort, on the North coast of the island, a few Kilometers from the town of Ischia. In addition to its fine view, clear water and well organized beach, the pleasant little town also offers a wealth of thermal springs (especially the Gurgitello Spring), around which have arisen establishments for mud and steam baths. In the immediate vicinity rises Monte Rotaro, an ancient volcano which still shows the outline of its crater. Minor volcanic activity can be observed in the area; pleasant and interesting excursions can be undertaken.

Lacco Ameno

Lacco Ameno is the most popular resort of the island of Ischia, attracting every year a very large number of tourists. This is due to its modern and functional facilities for sea bathing and thermal baths, which make it the most elegant and soughtafter resort, and above all to its mild climate and to the beauty of its beaches, its sea and surroundings. Two things distinguish Lacco Ameno: on the one hand, the majestic summit of Monte Epomeo, and on the other the small but remarkable Isoletta del Fungo (The little island of the mushroom) which  owes its name to its characteristic shape moulded by the erosion of the sea. Lacco Ameno is full of natural beauty.


Beyond the headlands of M. Vico and Caruso, the west coast of the island of Ischia, opens to the view with a long sandy shore, broken only by the promontory on which Forio stands. The little town likewise a modern, up to date seaside and thermal health resort, still preserves the charm and color of the old villages with their houses perched on the rock and the narrow, winding lanes, meandering all through the old center. In Forio we can see The church of Our Lady of Succour: its white walls stand on the headland of Soccorso. Its simple architecture blends with the local color of the old town of Forio, and the innumerable votive offerings that fill the interior remind us of the hopes and devout prayers of all the sailors and fishermen who from the immemorial have turned to the Madonna in times of danger. This church is the favourite goal of many visitors wishing to enjoy one of the most beautiful of natural spectacles; the sunset which under certain atmospheric conditions, displays the unusual phenomenon of the "green ray".

Sant'Angelo d'Ischia

This is one of the most picturesque places of the Island of Ischia, combining the old world charm of the fishing village with its plain little cottages crowded together, and the functional up to date tourist facilities. The singular feature of Sant'Angelo is that it stretches out towards to sea and the island of the same name, to which ii is linked by a short strip of sand. Sant'Angelo also boats a number of comfortable establishments for the application of the thermal springs in which the area is particularly rich. Moreover, its beaches enjoy an exceptionally mild climate all the year round, so the visitor may find eternal spring here.

Serrara Fontana

Serrara Fontana and Monte Epomeo; these two adjacent hamlets, nestle on the slopes of Monte Epomeo. Although they do not offer the many modern facilities of other resort of Ischia, these places are nevertheless suitable for a quiet and really restful holiday. They are well placed for the ascent of Monte Epomeo, and are also the starting point for many interesting excursions in the neighborhood. From her lovely view can be enjoyed of the Punta Imperatore and the Island of Sant'Angelo, and a view of almost the whole island.

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