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The true Neapolitan Coffee

The Neapolitans surely have the pre-eminence for the consumption they do of black-coffee and for the manifold manners in which they prepare it.
The "tazzulella e cafè" is one of the most ingrained customs of the inhabitants of Naples: for them it is the break in the work, the finishing of the lunch, the awakening of the morning....the first thing they offer to a guest. How many are the persons that it love, so many are the manners to prepare (beyond that traditional) and to taste it. We will illustrate to You only some of the most wide-spread.

To make this coffee You can use only the Neapolitan coffee percolator ("la macchinetta")
After it's opened and the filter filled with the blend (avoid to use too much blend and therefore to crush the blend), You must to level the whole with a coffee-spoon and to make some small grooves in the blend with the tip of the spoon.
This done, screw down the lid and fill with water the part of the coffee machine devoid of spout up almost to half a centimeter from the small vent-hole; reintegrate then the filtering unit. You must now integrate, as a lid, the part provided with spout.
The coffee machine is now ready to be put on the fire, resting on it the part devoid of spout. When from the vent-hole come out the vapor, the water is boiling: take away the coffee machine from the fire and turn it upside down holding together its handles.
During the wait, take care to prepare the so-called "coppetiello": it is a small piece of paper (preferably and traditionally of newspaper) rolled up in manner of a cone, that You must integrate on the spout after You have turned upside down the coffee-machine. The function of the "coppetiello" is very important because it must "to imprison" in the coffee machine the flavor of the black coffee avoiding it disperse in the air. Now You must only to wait two or three minutes the filtering of the coffee and then to serve it.