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Gnocchi with souce


Potatoes kg. 1,2 (pay attention to use potatoes with white pulp; potatoes whit yellow pulp aren't right because they aren't enough dry); flour gr. 600; a good ragout-sauce or also a sauce made without meat; grated parmesan cheese gr. 100
  • the appropriate sauce for this dish is the ragout,.
  • if You haven't enough time to prepare the ragout (which requires rather time for preparing), You can also prepare a sauce with only mashed or peeled tomatoes.
  • You can acquire the pasta, but, in general, the home-made gnocchi are very better
  • to prepare the gnocchi, boil the tomatoes (with the skin), peel and sieve them.
  • put the soup on a slab of marble and knead it absorbing the flour and the salt until it becomes a paste elastic and homogeneous.
  • detach pieces of paste big as a fist and work with the palm of the hand until they becomes as a finger thin rods.
  • sprinkling them with some flour, cut the rods into small pieces (about two centimeters long) and worn a hole in them with the index or middle finger
  • the cooking of the gnocchi is very simple and rapid: You must to slide them, little by little, from the palm of your hand or from a plate, in boiling, abounding and salt water.
  • when they come to the surface, lift gently with a skimming-spoon, put in a dish and flavor them with the sauce few at a time.
  • if the sauce isn't the ragout, add abounding sweet basil cut into little strips.
  • every guest will add parmesan grated cheese as he prefers.