The Neapoletan "Pastiera"

Ingredients for the paste (for its preparing see the recipe "Pasta Frolla")
flour gr. 600; sugar gr. 300; butter gr. 300; six yolks

ingredients for the staffing
wheat gr. 500; buttermilk curd gr. 500; sugar gr. 500; six eggs; "acqua di fiori d'arancio" or "acqua millefiori"; one spoonful of butter or of pork-fat; sugar-candies (citron, orange-peel; candied pumpkin) gr. 150; vanilla one dose; cinnamon half a dose; "crema pasticciera"

ingredients for the cream (for its preparing see the recipe "Crema Pasticciera")
flour three spoonfuls; sugar gr. 200; milk half a liter; three yolks; the peel of one lemon
  • cook about two hours the wheat, covered with the water, with the butter and any pieces of lemon-peel
  • sieve or whip the buttermilk curd and mix it with the sugar, the beaten up six yolks, the "acqua di millefiori", the candies, the spices, the cream and, at last, the beaten up egg-whites stiff
  • prepare a baking-pan 5-6 centimeters high and 27-28 centimeters of diameter
  • roll up the 2/3 of paste and with the obtained layer line the pan as far as the border (let also the paste overcome a little the border
  • fill with the stuffing almost to the border
  • roll up the remaining paste at the high of 3-4 millimeters and cut it and cut it into strips two centimeters wide
  • spread the strips parallel between themselves on the stuffing as far as the opposite borders of the pan at the distance of three centimeters between themselves
  • press the extremities of the strips on the paste of the lining and take away the excess
  • when all the surface will be completed spread another series crossed with the first so that the stuffing is visible in rhombus
  • put in the oven already warm at moderate temperature and cook about one hour and whatever until it will have taken an uniform brown color
  • touch the "pastiera" with your fingers: if your fingers remain dry the pastiera is well cooked
  • the pastiera don't must be too much dry because, so, it is more fragrant
  • let the "pastiera" cold out of the oven if it is just of dump,; cold it in the oven gone out if the dump is excessive
  • sprinkle with powdered sugar when it is cold the "pastiera is more tasty if you eat it the day after

the "pastiera" can also be prepared in baking-pan less high; then the cooking must to last less
(40-45 minutes if it is 3-4 centimeters high). This pastiera will be more dry and therefore less fragran



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