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Hotel Olimpico
(Küste südlich von Salerno)
Lago Trasimeno strasse
84098 Pontecagnano, Salerno
Tel. (+39) 089 203 004
Fax. (+39) 089 203 458



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Veranstaltungen in Salerno

You can follow all the exhibitions, fairs, concerts and other events in Salerno and surrounding areas by checking Hotel Olimpico's website.

While staying at our hotel, you can leave Salerno in all directions, relax and discover at the same time, including everything to see and do on the coast of Salerno.

Salerno, living in the city of excellence

We are pleased to present the extensive program of events and shows organized by the city of Salerno in 2013. To complete the great urban transformation that in the last 18 years has made Salerno ever more beautiful, liveable, safe and hospitable, the city has pledged to increase the tourist, cultural, spectacular events.

A common thread unites these programs: the constant search for excellence. This is the criterion and the objective which inspired us in every aspect of administration. Excellence in urban planning by the big names as Bohigas, Zaha Hadid, Bofill, Chipperfield, Calatrava involved in Salerno; excellence in Teatro Verdi conducted by Daniel Oren and the important events such as Luci d'Artista, excellence in quality of life, environment, food and drink and crafts, safety.

Salerno has achieved extraordinary results that invites you to appreciate first hand, together with  thousands of tourists who visit our city. In each month of the year, an event not to be missed. Great lyrical prose; Luci d'Artista one of the most important international art light; Festival of Creativity, Film, Culture of young people. And yet Christmas Market Fair, Crucifix, summer performances under the stars, the big New Year's Concert. Everything to everyone in a city to live with passion and serenity.

Welcome to Salerno

Ravello Festival

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